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Kenyan Celebrities and politicians who confessed to being HIV Positive

Last year, word went round that Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko was HIV positive and living on ARVs.



  • HIV/AIDS has become 100% controllable with people being able to live with the condition normally.
  • The number of HIV fatalities has decreased tremendously by 90% globally.
  • Cancer continues to be the most feared disease killing thousands of people daily.

Kenyan Celebrities and politicians who confessed to being HIV Positive: Antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) are making life easier for HIV infected patients. The drugs that boost the body’s immune system have helped many HIV positive patients live a normal life.

Today we take a look at some of the big known names positively living with HIV and have also come out to open up about their journey.

Last year, word went round that Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko was HIV positive and living on ARVs.

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The governor came out to refute these claims terming them malicious. The governor made it clear that the ‘fake’ news being circulated was to taint his image and asked his supporters to ignore them.

That aside, there are a number of famous individuals who have come out and shared their journey leaving with the disease.

These individuals came out to assist other patients leaving with the condition but were afraid to open up due to stigmatization.

Below are some individuals who have opened up about their journey living with HIV.


Kenyan Celebrities and politicians who confessed to being HIV Positive
Phenny Awiti: Kenyan Celebrities and politicians who confessed to being HIV Positive

Phenny Awiti is a Kenyan activist who has dedicated her life to helping other HIV patients overcome stigmatization.

Being a mother and also married to her White husband, Phenny has continued being a strong pillar to those living with the condition. She openly shares her life on national TV and does not fear being judged.

She recently gave birth to a bouncing baby boy and has not been afraid to post about her new joy with the world.


Richard Amouk is among the first Kenyan celebrities to confess to being HIV positive.

Being an artist with the famous Ukoo Flani rap group back in the days, he lived his youth on the first lane.

The music icon spent his time with women while touring the world with his band. During this time, the singer confessed to having been infected.

The singer opened up about this to help other youths in the entertainment industry refrain from indulging in unprotected sex with girls they meet while in their line of duty.

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George Kihara, popularly known as Frigacy was the first Kenyan celebrity to come clean about his HIV status.

Known for his hit song, Mapenzi, the singer was forced to admit about his condition after he received too much pressure from fans and media.

In an interview with the Nairobian early in 2013, the singer accepted to having been infected and urged the youth to refrain from unprotected sex.

The singer died a year later after his confession.


A gospel artist and also a gay activist, Joji Baro is among the most known names to have come clean about their HIV status.

Baro’s story hit the media after an expose’ story by blogger Cabugah some years ago.

According to the expose’ the activist was in a gay relationship with a school Catholic priest while in highschool.

The controversial activist was forced to confess at gunpoint after journalists cornered him and asked him to confess his story.

in 2011, the gospel artist decided to get tested where his HIV results returned positive.


Unlike her counterparts who contracted the disease in their line of duty. He story is different and somehow sad.

Doreen was born with the condition. According to her story, she was born from a discordant family and one of her parent who she never mentions was positive.

It was at one point in life where she fell sick and was admitted to the ICU. After intensive medical checkups, doctors found about her HIV condition and has since lived politely.


A top Kenyan author and a gay activist, Binyavanga lived his life without fear. He was among Kenya’s most outspoken individual.

The LGBTQ activist found out about his condition after a long period of ailments. Upon numerous checkups, the doctors broke the news about his condition.

Wainaina shared his status with the world to help other individuals living with the disease.

Binyavanga died after he was hit with a flue that deteriorated his health leading to his demise last year, 2019.

The above are some of the big names to have ever come out and openly share their HIV status with the public.

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