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Diamond throws family a huge party to celebrate breakup with Tanasha

Sources reveal that he asked Tanasha to quit asking ‘stupid’ questions. He at one point asked her to leave if she was not happy with him.



  • Diamond officially closed Tanasha’s chapter on 2nd may according to sources.
  • The singer is already seeing someone else according to our exclusive findings.
  • Donna becomes Diamond’s third known baby Baba left with a single kid to fend for.

Diamond throws a huge party to celebrate Tanasha Breakup: Unlike other women Diamond dates and dumps after siring with, we all thought Tanasha’s case would be different.

The love was too much. Tanasha could not see past Diamond’s lies. Zari tried to hint that the relationship would end as soon as she got pregnant. We thought she was just jealous.

Alas! five months after giving birth, the unexpected happened. Tanasha Donna packed and left amidst infidelity rumors.

Tanasha Donna changes son Instagram to that of a single mother

The singer could not keep it in his pants. Word is Tanasha confronted him on several occasions. He denied ever cheating on her. As the days went by, the cheating continued. He also became aggressive when asked about his whereabouts.

Diamond Tanasha party breakup
Diamond Tanasha party breakup

Sources reveal that he asked Tanasha to quit asking ‘stupid’ questions. He at one point asked her to leave if she was not happy with him.

Our sources claim, during this period, the singer had started seeing another woman and was making plans. Money talks they say.

The woman, from a rich royal family in Oman, met Diamond during one of his concerts in Muscat. They conversed, exchanged contacts and a new relationship emerged.

Diamond’s family plot to kick Tanasha out

While still in the dark, plans to make her leave were underway. Plans only Diamond, Mama Dangote, and Esma Platnumz knew about.

Esma, Diamond’s sister, suddenly started hanging out with Hamisa and posting her on her Instagram handle.

Diamond could not stand Tanasha because she was learned. She refused to drink Mama Dangote’s concoction

This was just the beginning of what was to come. Diamond started sleeping out and spending weeks without calling. Tanasha’s frustrations began.

Upon weeks of contemplating whether the relationship was worth fighting for, she decided it was best she packed and left.

Word is, this was a win for Diamond’s family. Just hours after her leaving Tanzania, Diamond’s family is said to have hosted a huge party to celebrate her leaving.

Our sources also claim, Diamond is trying hard to win the heart of this royal Oman woman who according to sources is going to change his life completely.

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1 Comment

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