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Wedding bells for Tanasha, Mama Dangote hints date



Things may be looking great for our girl Tanasha after all. Her new jam, Gere, in which she features boyfriend and baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz is doing massively well.

Although the word is, the song is a copy-paste of the Original by IZA, that has not stopped radios from blasting it on air.

Weddings bells for Tanasha, Mama Dangote hints date
Weddings bells for Tanasha, Mama Dangote hints date

That aside, our sources have revealed to us that Mama Dangote is currently contented with the relationship between Donna and her son.

Tanasha Donna quits work at NRG radio, moves to Tanzania to settle with Diamond

Diamond confirmed these after he slid in some lines supposedly from her mother in the new song.

@diammondplatnumz @mama_dangote Kasema Mwali Umepataaa Utulieee Simbaaaaa😂😂😂@diamondplatnumz Zile Chenga Vidanga Dana Vicheche Uvichuniee Simbaaa Ooh Uvichuniee Simbaaaaaa😂😂😂….

Although Tanzanians don’t believe Donna will be wifed. Diamond has been labeled a cheat and a cheat he will always be according to various Tanzanian journals.

Mama Dangote however thinks otherwise. She went ahead to post;

The aging granny known for loving life and her love for small energetic men is also known for choosing the women Diamond ends up with.

This time sources say, Donna has won her heart and is surely getting wifed. Until then, we are here to share the gist.

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