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Prophet Owuor’s fake miracles and devil-worshiping cult exposed by former church member and choir leader



Word has been going around about fake miracles at Repentance and Holiness ministries but no one has had proof to back up these allegations.

Not any more. A new hashtag, #Kinotispeaks has gone viral on twitter. The hashtag by Joseph Kinoti an alleged former fellowship leader at the church has exposed it all.

In his expose’, Kinoti begins on how he came to know about the church. His good friend, a member of the church nagged him to attending the church and he gave it a try to silence him.

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Before he knew it, he was put in the fellowship team and as days went by he was raised to be among the fellowship leadership recruiting other members to the church.

The computer science student was ushered into the church and dropped school to focus on ‘preaching the gospel’ fully.

After doing some good work mobilizing more people to join the church, Prophet Owour would personally ask him to join his twitter team.

The twitter is mandated to run Owour’s handle and deal with everyone against the ‘man of God’. He did his work well and even got more people to join the church.

Things started hitting him as he was taken into the inner working of the church. The fake miracles and editing photos that would be shared online to depict true happenings.

Kinoti was then asked to create blogs praising the working and Miracles of Prophet Owour. He did and they all went viral adding millage to the church and Owour.

Kinoti noted that the preacher uses dark magic to brainwash those working for him to a point they are nothing but puppets.

Fake people would be brought on stage during his gatherings and videos of them taken and shared everywhere to showcase the miracles by the prophet.

Those who were really sick were edited out of the videos to avoid spoiling the show. Their footage could not be used as they would paint the man of God in a bad light.

Kinoti would hence write an email to the church after seeing the deception and the fake prophesies. He asked the ‘man’ of God to stop deceiving his congregation before he quit the church.

He tried getting readmission to his school but was was denied reentry after being out of the institution for 8 years and without a written letter explaining his absenteeism.


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