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Why Bunga Bunga Nyali is becoming Mombasa’s favorite rave spot



In the previous article we did, dubbed Top 10 Night clubs in Mombasa 2019-2020 we placed Bunga Bunga among the best entertainment joints in Mombasa. However, Mint Lounge took the day at the top spot. Most of our readers suggested that newly opened Bunga Bunga Nyali should have taken the day so we decided to pay it a visit.

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Our team has a habit of touring different clubs or joints uninvited to rate the kind of services they offer. From Bouncers, waiters and lastly if the crowd is moved by the music and the DJs. This time we decided to visit Bunga Bunga Nyali.

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A happy crowd hyped at Bunga Bunga Nyali

Some history. Bunga Bunga is a club owned by one John Rock, a figure well known by many in the Mombasa entertainment scene and is also the owner of the famous Samba club in Bamburi.

Tsofa Mael’s, Mgahawani news editor at Samba during the Samba Aniversary 2019 ceremony

Bunga Bunga Nyali has managed to capture a big crowd just months since it was officially opened in 2019. We paid it a visit and this is why we think it’s slowly taking over Mombasa’s raving spot to becoming a kingpin in Mombasa’s nightlife and entertainment.

Unlike most clubs in Nyali that are hidden or difficult to find, Bunga is just by the road. The Bamburi – Mtwapa highway. Bunga Bunga is located at Naivas Kenol and can be accessed by Matatu’s, Tuktuks and motorcycles making it convenient even for those who have do not have the luxury of affording taxis or private means.

Revellers at Bunga Bunga Nyali

Their bouncers have been trained to handle all visitors and revellers equally. I gave them FIVE STARS. Unlike most clubs that discriminate some revellers, Bunga Bunga is an exception. As long as you are sane, above the required age and have an ID, you are welcomed to have fun.

Revellers at Bunga Bunga

The best part yet is their customer service. If you want to have fun and not have the fear of your bill being changed or made to pay more for what you didn’t consume, I suggest you pay them a visit.

The waiters are fast and courteous. No matter the crowd, the waiting time for services at Bunga Bunga is commendable. I liked how fast they manoeuvred and served everyone without making anyone feel unwanted or not important.

The crowd is also superb. Fights are not a thing and am told rough or rowdy revellers are not allowed to disturb the peace of others.

Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga at Bunga Bunga, (Centre) John Rock Left and Archy Kawere (Right)

Music. I can not really describe it. You have to be there to experience it. The DJs know what their crowd love and am sure once here, you will dance your night out.

We are told Gates Mgenge will be unveiling his DJ career at Bunga Bunga tomorrow the 16th of November and it’s definitely something you don’t want to miss out on.

Bunga Bunga is surely the best place as a reveller to enjoy that night out. For those visiting Mombasa, I recommend you pass by and tell us your views via our Facebook page.

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